Early Mornings

The sun screamed its arrival

With flaming raids

Invading my room.

The coffee pot hissed, as I stood

Leaning against the kitchen counter.

“I keep bleeding loneliness”, I thought

And it’s obvious in my trails

It’s obvious in the way I speak

In the way I joke around

In the way I smile.

Times like these

Sleepless and all out of hope

Feels like life

Is nothing more

Than a thief

Of souls.

A lie we keep believing

Until we hear the notes

Of rain coming down

Of howls to the bright moon

Cleansing our dreams

Bringing us closer to what each one of us

Calls destiny.

And as I stood there

Hopeless, jobless, penniless

With a cigarette in my mouth

Leaning against the kitchen counter

Day dreaming of trysts with you

I tried to analyze your behavior

Your disappearing acts

Comparing you with life itself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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