Another Day That I Didn’t Live

…and finally,

it’s daytime.
The sun shed its light
and made every nightmare,
inhabiting the darkness,
a little, somewhat, more bearable.

…and finally
you’re out of bed.
You wash your teeth
drink your coffee
get dressed

and off you go
out the door.
Trying to block
all your dreams

for 8 hours

in order to do

your job.

…and the clock ticks
to the end of your shift.

Maybe a couple drinks

at the local bar
and back home
to wash down
every thought that haunts you
maybe since your teenage years

with a scotch whiskey
and a couple of pills.

…and we say
“thank God, this day ended”
instead of saying
“Goddammit, another day
that I didn’t live,”


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