I Had Never Touched A Girl Until This Day, And It Turned Out To Be The Worst Sexual Encounter Of My Life


It was 2003 — I was in high school and I had never touched a girl. I was with two of my friends and two girls and we sent to see a horror movie. After the movie, this girl, Nadia, held on to me, her arms wrapped around my waist and she said she was “really scared.” We left the theater and my friend said, “Let’s drive to the liquor store.” He had a fake ID so we drove there. He left the car and Nadia brushed up on me, and had her hand on my leg. She whispered in my ear that she’s not wearing a bra. In a moment of brazenness (no pun intended), I asked her if my hands could act as a bra. She said okay. Instant boner. Her’s was the first breast I had ever touched. She told me that she’s getting wet and she’d give me “something else” later.

Nadia’s friend, Emily, said that her parents were out for the night and we could get drunk there. We all agreed and headed to Emily’s house. By this time, I was horny as hell, and my boner was visible through my pants. Nadia saw this and she started to playfully flick it. I assumed sex will go down, so I had my friend stop at a gas station so I could pick up some condoms. I hid the box in my sweater and bought a Red Bull with it.

We got to Emily’s house and we got wasted from the bottle of vodka that my friend bought. We sat at the kitchen table taking shots and soon everyone was all over each other. Nadia’s hand was down my pants and she was playing with my dick. I felt my first pair of breasts and sucked on them too. Then Emily stood up and ordered everyone into her bedroom. The orgy continued in her room and I got down on Nadia. I didn’t know what I was doing, so I tried to do what I saw on porn. Nadia seemed to be enjoying it. But my friend came up next to Nadia and placed his dick in her mouth. I saw this and I’m like, What the fuck? She went down on him while I went down on her. I was so horny and I could see that she was horny too. When I moved away from her to take my shirt off, she moved my friend on top of her and let him penetrate her.

There was Nadia and my friend going at it and Emily and my other friend going at it. I was really, really horny, like my dick was throbbing, and I was super depressed. Nadia asked me if I had a condom and I remembered I had three in my sweater. I gave it to her and Emily asked me for one too. I gave it to Emily and they went back to fucking. I was standing there tearing up, watching these four people go at it. I was literally surrounded by sex and I wasn’t getting any. I went up to Nadia and I asked her if I can get a blowjob — I must’ve sounded awkward and desperate because she said no and pushed me away while my friend pounded her from behind. I was practically crying at this point and I ended up on a chair with my face in my hands trying to stop the tears. I heard Nadia moaning and Emily moaning and I guess it was too much for me, because I ended up coming all over myself while tears streamed down my face. I ran out of the room and into the bathroom to clean myself up. I guess my departure caused a scene because Nadia came running over to me and she just started making out with me. I could see that she was really drunk. I was drunk too, but not as drunk as her. I asked her if she wanted to fuck, but she said no. Okay, what about a handjob or a blowjob? She said she was really tired, but pulled on my sensitive, cum-covered dick and she licked the cum off her hands. Are you kidding me? I got hard again instantly and I asked her again if we can fuck, but she said my friend tired her out and that she was going to sleep on the couch and asked me if I wanted to join. I defeatedly said okay and walked back into the room. Everyone had a smile on their face except me.

Nadia and I fell asleep on the couch, but I woke up to the sound of Emily and my other friend fucking again. I felt myself getting a boner again and I guess Nadia felt it too, because she woke up and said to stop poking her. I asked her if she wanted to have sex and she said no again. I fell asleep (still horny as fuck) holding my dick away from Nadia. When I woke up, I had a pretty big hangover, but there were two people standing around me. I thought it was Nadia and Emily, so I told them to fuck off. I was angry about last night. They both asked me to leave, so I looked up and it turned out to be Emily’s parents. I still had my dick in my hands. Nadia had left early in the morning with my friends, leaving me alone on the couch. I booked it out of there, apologizing for what they had seen and that was my first ever encounter of almost having sex. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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