Vagina Visa: Five Tips For Female Travelers

Female persons traveling internationally should be aware that in addition to obtaining a travel visa, women should also be familiar with the following unspoken regulations for individuals planning to travel with a vagina:

1. Solo travel should be limited to the hours between 7am and 7pm and to areas of high traffic and visibility: Individuals with a vagina may find that their anatomy places them at higher risk of becoming a victim of a crime. Women should always plan to travel in groups, or with an individual with a penis, in order to minimize this risk.

2. Unwanted sexual comments and advances should be expected and handled with care: ”Hey beautiful”, “What’s up sexy”, and “Can I get your number?” as well as unsolicited physical contact will be daily occurrences for travelers with vaginas. While these interactions may be uncomfortable, women should avoid responding with hostility, as this may receive an aggressive response.

3. Public transportation should be used with caution: Unless traveling with a person with a penis, whose anatomy generally grants themselves and their companions more security, persons traveling with a vagina should only use public transportation in large groups. Women will be expected to take up less space than male passengers they find themselves seated next to, and should be prepared for leers and general objectification.

4. A “no” from a person with a penis generally carries more authority and garners more respect: Travelers with vaginas should be aware that when confronted by a person with a penis, their authority is generally less than their male counterpart’s. Women should know that pretending to have a boyfriend or fiancee may turn away an unwanted male suitor quicker than a simple “no”, and that sometimes the presence of male friend is necessary to ward off other male aggressors.

5. Travelers with a vagina will be constantly aware of their sex: Female travelers should expect to be aware of their anatomy at every moment, as their vaginas will not only function as body parts but as identities that restrict their travels, movements, and speech. The actions of women walking to class, riding a taxi, and chatting with locals at the bar will be dictated by the vagina and the unspoken rules that accompany it. Women will carry their Vagina Visa with them everywhere they go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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