5 Perfect Reasons It’s The Best Time Of Year To Fall In Love With Red Wine

Serge Esteve
Serge Esteve

Like you, we live for Rosé season. The pink drink quite literally gets us through summer. And while you may not realize that Rosé is actually perfect to drink year-round (Rosé + Thanksgiving turkey = heaven), there are some serious benefits to falling in love with its older sibling this year. Read on for the facts on the red grape juice…

1. Expand Your Palate

Red wines are complex, yet simple. Structured, yet soft. With so many different varietals and blends, these wines allow you the entire fall and winter to experiment! Taste different wines, explore the flavors and aromas, and grow that palate! Plus side – the more wines you know, the cooler you seem at brunch when you can order with confidence instead of stumbling over the wine list.

2. Get Cozy With Rosé’s Older Sibling

Unlike what you may think, red wine is the closest sibling to Rosé. And no, Rosé isn’t a mixture of red and white grapes – it’s made with red varietals and allowed contact with the grape skin for just enough time to achieve that blush color. Becoming familiar with different reds can help you decipher whether you’re drinking a quality pink sip; and knowing the varietals and blends can help you identify what kind of Rosé you’re drinking, or what kind you like best.

3. Impress Your People

Yes, the world of wine can seem intimidating, and we’d all love to talk about wine like we actually know a little something. Roman Roth, hailed the “King of Rosé,” and Wölffer Estate Vineyard’s Winemaker, always says, “An epic vintage of wines is the perfect time for people to learn and enter the wine world! Tasting wines at their best allows both beginners and experts to experience a wine’s full flavors. When you get familiar with what you like and don’t like in one wine, it’s easier to apply that to all wines.” And, really, who wouldn’t want to subtly show off their wine knowledge at the next dinner party. #classy

4. Escape To The Grapes

Like you really need another reason to take a day trip to a winery. Vineyards begin to flourish in the summer – who wouldn’t want to sit among the vines and sip away in the sun – but one of the best times to head to one is once that air gets crisp. The harvest is happening, the grapes and vines are full, and there is nothing like a bottle of red to compliment your new fall apparel. Grab some friends and head out! Take a tour, learn what goes into making your favorite bottles, and taste, taste, taste!

5. Get Healthy

Yes, you’ve heard it all before – wine makes you slender, wine makes you happy, wine makes you healthy. Well it’s all true, and the health benefits of wine on your heart, blood pressure, and waistline is really only one of the many reason to indulge (guilt-free) this season. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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