11 Types Of People Who Will Love Sayer

Sayer App
Sayer App

Are you crashing after your Candy Crush high? Getting angry at yourself for playing another round of Angry Birds? Well, meet Sayer, your new phone-based addiction. I stumbled upon Sayer one super slow day at work, cough, cough, I mean, one Saturday afternoon at home. It’s an app fueled by social media but it’s more interactive than simply hitting a “like” button. Personally, I’m a bit sick of reading about another engagement or someone’s TMI stream of consciousness (I’m talking about Facebook), but I needed something to fill that void. With my phone in hand, where oh where will I find my daily fix of social media driven procrastination? Introducing Sayer.

With this app, you can post a “Sooth”—as either a prediction or a poll—posing a multiple-choice question to the other users on Sayer. The subject is up to you. There are particular categories, like “Politics” and “News,” that you can post your Sooths to, or, you can ask whatever you’d like under the all encompassing “Other” category. The app allows you to ask thought-provoking questions as well as… well, not so thought provoking questions. You can also check out other’s Sooths, and weigh in on them. It’s fun to share your opinion and then see where you side amongst other Soothers. I feel like Sayer is an app that all types of people can get on board with. Below are the Top 11 Types of People Who Will Love Sayer.

1. The Politically Charged

It’s an exciting time for politics as the race for the presidential nomination is underway. Check out the many Sooths under the “Politics” section and remember, every vote counts!

Poll: Rand Paul vs Hillary Clinton

2. The Serial Dater

So many fish in the sea, so little time. Ask your fellow Soothers their opinions to narrow the pool. Or, find out if your dating expectations are the same as others.

Do you believe men should pay for the first date (if they asked the woman out)?

3. The Indecisive Type

When even the simplest of choices send you into a panic, turn to Sayer to make your decision. It’s the 21st century’s Magic 8 Ball.

What should Evelyn be for her first Halloween?

4. The Sports Gambler

Fuel your addiction with support from others. Head to the “Sports” section if you love to bet on the games and need some advice, encouragement, or justification for your gambling ways.

Are the Seahawks going to win the playoffs?

5. Parents

Does anyone really know the best way to raise his or her kids? If you are wondering if you’re using the right products, the right methods, or if your nipple is going to become inflamed when you breastfeed (I don’t know, I don’t have kids) you can post these questions and see what the parents of Sayer have to say about it!

Would you take your kids out of school to travel the world?

6. The Fashionista

If you love looking your best, you can reach out to fellow Fashionistas and ask their opinions on the best classic black dress, this Fall’s fashion must-haves and weigh in on fashion related Sooths.

What fall trend are you most excited for?

7. The Marketing Executive

It seems like businesses everywhere are trying to find out what the “kids are into.” Sayer could be another easy to use, free tool to post polls addressing millennial as well as ask fellow Soothers about their digital usage.

Have you ever supported a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or another Platform?

8. Bloggers

Garner some user engagement by connecting your blog posts to a Sooth. If you are addressing a specific topic, post a sooth and see where your fall. I wrote a blog about my experience on the Whole30 diet and was curious about the diet’s popularity. So I ask you:

Have you tried Whole30?

9. The Foodie

Us foodies (hate the name, but not the game) spend a ton of time reading about the hottest restaurants and the best dishes. See what other Soothers advise when you ask your food-related questions to them!

What is the best Italian restaurant in LA?

10. The Comparison Shopper

Consumer Guide was for our parents. Check out the “Science and Tech” section and you can ask and see polls about the latest tech gadgets. Or, ask your shopping questions to the Sayer community and get some useful feedback before you open your wallet.

BMW, Mercedes, Lexus or Audi?

11. The Opinionated – EVERYONE

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. You’ve got an opinion, so check out Sayer and share it! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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