10 Things That Are Actually Only Exciting In Los Angeles

Flickr / Liza Agsalud
Flickr / Liza Agsalud

After living in New York City, Los Angeles is an entirely different experience. I’m sure that this is not the first time you’ve heard this. In fact, Los Angeles vs. New York is a rivalry as classic as Betty vs. Veronica, as old as the Montagues vs. the Capulets. But really, they aren’t comparable. Los Angeles is its own unique being; a place that I have grown to love. And my fellow Angelenos — after five years of living here I consider myself half-Angeleno — can share in the joy of these 10 things that are only exciting in Los Angeles.

1. When rain pours from the sky!

If you come from any other place that has changes in weather, there is something so comforting about a rainstorm. It’s such a rarity, and yes I know, to most people, you’d want to smack me for saying this, but it’s a nice change from the usual sunny SoCal day! We hardly ever get the excuse to stay inside, snuggle up, and watch movies all day without feeling guilty for not going outside. If ever it rains, I make an immediate beeline for my bed. There is nothing like the sound of rain against the window while lying under the covers. Oh, and also, we need the water. Bad. This place is as dry as a Mormon’s liquor cabinet.

2. When you find free parking.

LA has a reputation of having terrible traffic — driving in LA is awful. While this is true, the worst part is actually not the driving, but rather, it’s the parking. There’s an added responsibility whenever you park in a lot that requires validation. Not only do you have to remember where you parked, but you also have to make sure to hold onto that tiny ticket or it will cost you big time if you lose it. So much pressure! Decisions on where to eat out are based not just on the quality and price of the food but also on the accessibility of parking. Many a plans have been canceled, friends refusing to visit other friends at their apartments, all because parking is too difficult. So when you find a free lot, you really do cherish it.

3. When a restaurant puts bread on the table (without you having to ask for it).

LA is an early adopter when it comes to the latest health trends and we have really taken the gluten-free thing to heart. Not only are there gluten-free options on almost any menu in town, bread, now a forbidden food, is less available to us all. So when you sit down and the waiter brings you that once familiar basket of bread, you know it’s going to be a good meal.

4. When your eyesight worsens enough for you to actually need those large-framed eyeglasses.

LA is a city filled with creative types and glasses really are the perfect accessory to the geek-chic style this city loves. Of course, we give you way more respect if those glasses are functional and you just happen to look good in them as well.

5. When your drink plans cancel.

Networking is basically an essential to make it big in Hollywood. So, the many assistants of LA book their calendars full, scheduling “drinks.” But, after a long day, we would really much rather go home and catch up on the DVR. It’s often a game of chicken—will they or won’t they cancel? We both just want to go home…

6. When a movie plays in a cemetery.

This sounds creepy, no doubt, voluntarily wanting to go sit in a cemetery. But Cinespia at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a favored activity amongst us here. People wait for this all year long, the summer season where you can go see classic films like “Dazed and Confused” and “The Graduate” projected against a large wall in the middle of a cemetery. New Yorkers gets “Summer Fridays,” Angelenos get “Cemetery Saturdays.”

7. When the movie filming on your block packs up and leaves.

We love our movies in LA but not when they make the already pain-in-the-ass traffic situation worse. Only in LA do we see yellow signs plastered around town, with shortened versions of whatever is being filmed on them. For most of us, the novelty has worn off, and we just want to be able to make that left turn we need to make to get home!

8. When that guy from the Upright Citizens Brigade sketch show you saw is on TV.

In LA there are tons of places to see undiscovered talent. There is a hope amongst us that we all have the potential to “make it,” whatever that may mean to each individual out here. So, being able to recognize that so-and-so is hilarious and say that you’ve know about him before he became “hot” gives us a feeling of pride.

9. When you can see downtown clearly from the top of a canyon.

Big whoop, you can see buildings. Have you ever been to New York? But like the rain, it normally doesn’t happen here! We Angelenos hike a lot (and are pretty liberal on what defines a “hike”) and the Los Angeles skyline is often hidden under a layer of smog. So when you find a clear day, we can’t help but to Instagram that view.

10. When your new apartment comes with a refrigerator.

I’m pretty sure in most other big cities refrigerators are included in an apartment rental. In Los Angeles though, it’s an exception to the rule, so to come across an apartment with a refrigerator is an exciting perk. Apartment sold! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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