7 Ways To Become Self-Reliant

1. Accept that you are beautiful.

Stop comparing yourself to other women and stop fantasizing about having the perfect body. When you doubt the way you look or feel and automatically obsess over trying to be someone else, take a deep breath and realize that nobody’s perfect. You probably have something so much greater than anyone else. So next time when you take a look in the mirror, smile. Accept that you are beautiful and that you don’t need anyone’s approval.

2. It’s okay to go out alone.

Some women love to have company when they go out and some just don’t want to go out alone. Go to the park and read, go have lunch, go to a museum or go see a movie. It’s okay to go alone, nobody’s going to poke fun or even care. Enjoy that alone time and self reflect.

3. You don’t need a man to feel whole.

Men are fun to have around. They fulfill every woman’s needs, but they don’t make you, you. Every woman craves the love of a man. We all know that men are morons and are somewhat incapable of understanding what love truly is. So, love yourself because you are the only person that can make yourself whole.

4. Put your cellphone away.

Over the recent years society has become obsessed with these mobile devices. Everyone has turned into some sort of robots with their face glued to their cellphones. Stop checking your phone and don’t get discouraged when you don’t get a reply back to your text immediately. Put your cellphone away and just enjoy the real essence of life.

5. Goodbye social media.

What’s the point of social media? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The world doesn’t need to know where you are, what you’re eating, who you’re dating and what you’re doing. If you claim to use social media as a way of keeping in touch with old friends and long distance relatives. Write to them. Get a pen and paper and physically write to them. With all your perfect little curves in each of your letters because it shows more emotion that way and it’s nice to get something in the mail other than bills.

6. Get a job.

If you already have one, kudos to you and if you don’t have one. Go search. Nothing is more fulfilling than getting a paycheck that you worked hard for, and then of course spending it on yourself afterwards. Stop relying on your parents or your financial aid to pay for your things. Work hard for the things you want.

7. Pick up a hobby.

Learn to play the guitar, learn to paint, or learn to cook. Keep yourself busy so you wont have to worry about depending on someone else to keep you entertained. By the time you have accomplished this hobby, you will also have accomplished being able to be comfortable by yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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