50 Relatable Things All Long Island Natives Know To Be True

Shutterstock / Tutti Frutti
Shutterstock / Tutti Frutti

1. You have the greatest city in your backyard, yet only go a few times a year

2. When you do go, you end up spending your whole life savings at the brand new restaurant everyone is talking about

3. You pray that you don’t miss the 2AM drunk train. It’s one of the worst things that can happen

4. Speaking of drunk, you have enjoyed a nice beverage wrapped in a paper bag while riding the train into the city


6. You’ve seen at least ONE concert at Jones Beach

7. Speaking of beaches, you got plenty! (And you of course have your favorite)

8. South Shore beaches are EXTREMELY better than north shore beaches

9. You’ve pretend you were rich and famous while exploring the Hamptons

10. You also spent some of that trip trying to find actual people who are rich and famous

11. You eat so much Italian food you probably have Marianna sauce running through your veins

12. Your town has at least three bagel stores and you have your own personal ranking of them

13. Lox on a bagel is everything

14. And nothing can cure a hangover quite like a bacon egg and cheese on a bagel

15. On the topic of bagels, Long Island had the best ones. Ever. No competition

16. You call pizza a pie and you order it by the slice

17. Our Delis are top notch

18. You have spent your summers at sleep away camp and have devoted camp friends

19. You have spent all of your allowance at Roosevelt Field

20. You have spent many summer days at Adventure Land thinking it was an amazing amusement park (Until you’ve been to others)

21. One of your grandparents probably lives in Florida

22. At least one of your parents is from Brooklyn or Queens (And they don’t let you forget it)

23. You have some good childhood moments at the Long Island Children’s Museum (Epically when they would pull the giant bubble over you!)

24. You have feel like you have a personal connection with Billy Joel yet have never met him

25. Nassau county and Suffolk county are two GREATLY DIFFERENT things

26. Lacrosse was more popular in your high school than football

27. Your football field was also the soccer and lacrosse field

28. On a whole though, high school sports weren’t really that important

29. Your town has countless card stores that sell everything from candy to porcelain babies

30. One highway has completely different names depending how who you talk to

31. You know some Yiddish words even if you aren’t Jewish (Schlep, schvitz)

32. You got off school for Jewish holidays AND Christian holidays (and we start getting off for Muslim holidays too!)

33. Jewish, Irish and Italian culture all just mix together into one

34. You have been to Bar Mitzvah and Sweet Sixteens that cost more than some weddings

35. There is AT LEAST two high schools in your district

36. Your friends all applied to 15 or more colleges and you thought that was normal

37. You have spent the fall going apple and pumpkin picking out east

38. Plus going to all the haunted attractions Long Island has to offer

39. You get your milk from a barn (Dairy Barn that is)

40. EVERYWHERE Sells beer (literally everywhere)

41. Dennys and IHOP are not acceptable diners (but you do have your favorite)

42. You keep meaning to go to the Tanger Outlets, but you never make it there

43. You got your TV, refrigerator and washing machine for PC Richards

44. You pronounce a Gyro like GY-row rather than YEE-roh

45. You also pronounce Long Island as Lawn Guyland

46. But its fine, because you can pronounce Massapequa, Wyandanch, Sagaponack, and Setauket like a pro

47. You know Long Island is home to many beautiful parks and reservoirs, yet don’t really visit them

48. You do your grocery shopping at King Kullen, Waldbaums, Stop & Shop or Trader Joes

49. You complain about Long Island and want to get out

50. Yet once you leave, you miss it like crazy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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