To The One Who Broke Her Heart

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I applaud you for having the guts to take her for granted. For choosing to find comfort with a person you thought was better, because you have forgotten that you already had the best.

I envy your power. For having that unbelievable capacity to transform her sweet eyes into a fountain of tears–not because you make her happy, but because you were the one whom she thought would always make her happy. Then, you failed.

I salute your courage for the many times that you cheated on her; for making her feel little about herself; for taking away her hopes; for making her less of a believer; and for making her put up the strongest wall.

To belittle you, to curse you, to despise, to destroy you, would have been the perfect series of attacks. Especially when she called me up that night and told me how you succeeded for crushing her heart into pieces once again. Then it came to me — that if I were to belittle you, curse you, despise you, destroy you, I would be doing the same things that you did to her. And for that, I am no different.

I am grateful! That is all I want to say. It is neither a fruit of my sarcasm nor a deceptive utter of my tongue. I am grateful for the very reasons that I applaud, envy, and salute you. For if you did not do those things to her, it is still your eyes that she would want to see. And I would never, ever, have the chance to convince her to look another way–as she is loyal and faithful; and she is now to me.

I am more than grateful! Truly, I am. For now is the time that you will be the one to applaud me because I will never take her for granted. Never will I look for someone better, as she will always be the best.

Now is the time that you will envy me because her sweet eyes will be a fountain of tears–not of sadness or despair; but of joy and celebration that with me, she has finally found her home.

Now is the moment that you will salute me for my courage because I decided to commit myself to her. To let her know that she is far more than beautiful. To make her confident that no one can take her place. To make her believe that the one she deserves will make a difference. She will no longer need that strong wall that she built for I will, always and every day, be there to protect her.

So as you read this, I give you all the right to belittle me, curse me, despise me, and even destroy me for loving the same girl that you did, or maybe still do; but I will never be sorry to you. Rather, thankful for doing the very thing that led me to her; yet I will never do–letting her go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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