Here’s The 14 Most Disturbing 911 Calls Ever Made

Trigger warning: When we said disturbing, we meant disturbing.

1. Elderly WOman Reports Creepy Man

An elderly woman calls 911 to report a creeper who knocked on her door, and proceeded to skulk around her home. Unfortunately, 911 doesn’t get there in time.

2. “A murder Has Been Committed”

Checkingson Sinclair calmly tells 911 that a murder has been committed. He cooly informs them who exactly is response, and it’s creepy AF.

3. Man Calls for help after losing leg

John frantically calls 911 after losing his leg in an industrial accident. The next 11 minutes are agonizing.

4. Woman Assaulted While On Phone With 911

This woman could hear pounding on her door, and immediately knew someone was trying to break into her house. When her dogs started barking, she knew he was inside. She called 911, but they didn’t get there in time.

5. Sneaky 911 Call Saves Girls

Two girls were taken by Dereck Smith in his car, where he beat and raped them. One of the quick thinking girls, however, called 911 using the cell phone in her pocket and police desperately try to locate them.

6. “The tall man followed us home”

Two girls notice a “tall man” following them home. Once them run inside and lock the door, he stands outside, staring at them. But the man isn’t easily dissuaded.

7. 14-year-old murders parents

Alex Crain shot both of his parents to death in the early morning of December 9th, 2010. On the dark 911 call, he claims to have no idea why he did it. He becomes audibly distraught when he realizes his parents aren’t coming back.

8. “One Message, NO repeat”

78-year-old man killed his 21-year-old wife for no apparent reason. He tells 911 that he will give someone a chance to take their child, and then he promises to turn the gun on himself. He makes good on this threat.

9. Boy tells 911 that mom Is Going To ditch them

And 11-year-old boy called 911 to tell them that his mother threatened to ditch them and move to California so that she could “have fun” because she “didn’t want to be around them anymore.”

10. “They’re Gonna Kill My Mom And Dad”

A 7-year-old boy calls 911 after three armed gunman storm the house through and unlocked door. He takes his sister, the phone, and hides in the bathroom.

11. Woman Kills Murderous Ex

Sarah Berkey had just tried to break up with her boyfriend Adam Jovicic when he broke into her house and brought a gun. Then there was a violent struggle, recorded on a 911 call, that only ended when Berkey shot Jovicic. Berkey did not face charges.

12. Woman calls 911 during break In

A woman reports somebody trying to break into her house. She runs to her room, locks the door, and calls 911. From there she hears the person break down the door, and then walk up her stairs, and then…

13. Man Calls 911 From closet

Some freaky-ass figure has broken into this man’s house, and he’s getting closer…

14. “He’s at the door. He’s Here.”

Karen was alone with her baby when somebody tried to force their way into her home. She called 911, but while she was on the call, the man broke down her door.

Really terrifying stuff. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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