6 Extremely Disturbing Internet Posts With Horrific Backstories

Trigger warning: If you didn’t take the word “disturbing” in this article’s headline seriously — you should.

1. Father tries to buy “child lover” to have sex with his little daughter


Father Anthony Brinkman posted this ad on Craigslist. He was looking for someone to have sex with his 11-year-old daughter while he watched. He claims to have wanted this “for a long time.”

Fortunately, police uncovered the online ad and decided to act. A cop went undercover and posed as a client interested in Brinkman’s offer. Brinkman exchanged pictures of his daughter, and agreed to meet the “client” at a local Cracker Barrel where they would then find a mutually satisfactory location to engage in sex with his daughter.


When Brinkman showed up at the Cracker Barrel, he was immediately placed under arrest. He was later sentenced to 12 years in prison.

2. Man Poses as Woman to lure in boys


Classified ads seeking sex is nothing new on Craigslist — and there is nothing wrong with looking for some casual encounters.

But when you misrepresent who you are, and your purposes, things get really creepy really freaking fast.

As it turns out “Miranda” was not Miranda at all. She was this guy:


Apparently he managed to get into contact with two very young men before the authorities got involved.

3. There was no free Tv…


This looks like a super awesome opportunity!! Free television, who wouldn’t want that? And it seems like a pretty decent backstory…but there are two weird things about this Craigslist ad that are *very* unsettling.

Firstly, who just lets people walk right in with their front door open?

Secondly, the ad purports to be giving away a Samsung TV, but take a closer look at the ad…


This is a picture of an LG-TV.

A user on Reddit actually ended up checking this out (outside of the proscribed time of after 12am) and found a completely run down and abandoned home at the given address.

What happened to the people who answered this ad?

4. Challenge to find murdered woman’s body posted on 4chan


Someone made this ominous post on 4chan. It featured a picture of Emily Sanders, and a promise that whoever could correctly guess their own post number on the thread would get coordinates to where the OP “buried her body.”

Eventually, someone managed to make the correct guess:


And looked up the coordinates to her body. These coordinates were used to find Emily’s body, and the post was traced back to the man who murdered her.

Some people doubt the authenticity of this story, however many people in Emily’s hometown of El Dorado allegedly believe it.

5. Cannibal looking for human flesh


Man posts an ad asking for people willing to be murdered, and then eaten. Nobody knows if anybody took this specific ad up on its offer, but in Germany there was a man who consented to be eaten. Berlin engineer Bernd Brandes consented to being eaten by Armin Meiwes. Brandes was consumed by a desire for self-destruction, and the pair dined on Brandes’ cooked penis before Meiwes ultimately stabbed Brandes and cooked his remains. Police later changed Meiwes with disturbing a dead body.

6. “Young boy…”


This ad is particularly disturbing, as it seems to be directed a “young boy” of unknown age. He could be 4, 6, 8, 12 or who knows — as the picture of the underage child has been blurred out.

The man posting this ad has seen him enough to know that the boy wears a Mets hat often, and what make his mother’s minivan is. He claims that his mother referred to the kid as a “faggot” and is obviously sexually interested in him.

Hopefully they never had any sort of encounter, but the internet doesn’t provide any answers here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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