25 Terrifying Two-Sentence Stories That’ll Make You Shit Your Pants

Tony Ciampa
Tony Ciampa


As a sailor, they told me drowning was the most painful way to go.

They never mentioned the horror of drawing the short straw on an Emergency raft full of hungry men.

— ThePacificBear


My mom and dad never wanted me to be an only child.

So they told me they were sending me to Heaven too, to look after my stillborn brother.

— ScrotoFaggins


My wife’s skin is so soft and always smells like lavender.

I wonder how many more times I can wear it before the smell of decay covers it up.

— tsl3161991


My big sister gets mad when I won’t leave her alone.

I’m just trying to protect her from the bad thing that follows her around.

— genderfluidhistorian


Head racing, I struggled to get out of the tub, not wanting to turn my back on the strange woman who had just emerged from beneath my bath water.

— t0rvahl


Although the gasoline stung her eyes it was through tears of regret that she stared across at her battered and bleeding lover, bound and soaking, as she was, to a chair.

She howled through the gag over her mouth in anguish and frustration as her laughing husband dropped the lit match onto the other mans head.

— zippynimrod


I’d never believed my parents when they warned me about running on the old town road late at night, scoffing at them for believing that the stories about a phantom jogger were real…

As of today I’ve been running the same route for fifteen years, sobbing on torn and bleeding feet, unable to pause or rest, still trying to escape the man who murdered who me.

— sleeplessfromdreams


She loaded six rounds into the revolver.

This was promising to be a very short game of Russian Roulette.

— jaimefeu


As I hear my sons father stagger heavily upstairs, I sit here on the bare cement floor, crying softly.

My son just continues to quietly play, but after all, this basement is the only world he’s ever known for the five years of his precious life.

— TheRaincrow


You don’t need to worry so much about the monster in your closet.

I’m sure such an ancient beast of horrifying power will be no match for the door handle.

— Zchxz


I screamed and screamed at the girl in front of me, desperately trying to draw her attention to the grinning man in the corner of her bedroom…

I stopped shouting and my un-beating heart stuttered when she turned to show me the knife in her hand and whispered “shhhhhh ghostie, I know”.

— sleeplessfromdreams


The sun crushed her shadow into non-existence, and she sought refuge in the alley.

Her shadow was already there, waiting against the wall.

— lababib


I was babysitting my young cousin but it was almost midnight and she should have been fast asleep, so I was mortified when she walked into the front room just as the film I was watching reached a fairly graphic sex scene…

My embarrassment turned to horror when she pointed at the screen, lip trembling, and said “Hallie, that’s what the shadow man under the bed keeps doing to me”.

— sleeplessfromdreams


Most of the people in town were terrified when they woke after a night of deep snowfall to see the prints of hooves marked in pairs all over the town…

What frightened me more was the shadow of frostbite on my feet and that the hoof marks led right up to my open bedroom window.

— sleeplessfromdreams


He smiled, walking up behind his victim with his rag already soaked.

She smiled, listening to his footsteps as her tongue traced flesh starved fangs.

— TremblingPen


It wasn’t the fact that the neighbor’s tree looked like some massive, hooded figure that frightened me.

It was the fact that, when I blinked, it was in my yard.

— TremblingPen


I saw my girlfriend turn the other night.

I don’t know what’s more terrifying; the fact that she’s a lycanthrope, or the fact that, instead of eating me, this massive alpha wolf smiled down at me, grabbed my groin, and growled “MINE!”

— TremblingPen


My son cried when I killed both of his dogs today.

I didn’t tell him why, but last night while he slept I overheard the dog talking to each other.

— whatisantilogic


A prophet wrote down the phrase, “Santa was coming.”

As the skies were becoming red and cracks in the earth widened, I realized he was dyslexic.

— Grendelspawn


I always hated zombie movies that used the “I got bitten but need to hide it” plot device.

Now I sort of understand.

— Quietech


When she pounds on my wall…

I close my eyes and breathe out slowly, counting ten. My heart still racing, I scream into the void: “Want me to turn up the voltage again?!”

— joethebeast


As I was touring an open house, the real estate agent told me the previous owners had been murdered. Funny, I thought the house looked familiar…

— deathfox919


There is a tall stranger banging on my door.

He’ll soon know that he’s never getting out.

— EnterAdman


My dad is a mad scientist and does his experiments in the basement.

He doesn’t let me out because he says that mom will be horrified of me.

— deathfox919


Mom! Is it okay for me to invite Mark over to hangout?

Honey, you really shouldn’t be playing with your food.

— 4ngry_Panda Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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