22 Disgusted People Reveal The Absolute Trashiest Thing They Ever Saw In Public

19. King Neckbeard

Went to a bar on new years and saw some interesting people. Most notably I saw what looked to be the king neckbeard. A very obese, disheveled man wearing a black kilt and a tucked in black shirt which said “I shaved my balls for this?”

He looked exactly like how you would picture him.

— BigOmega

20. Having sex under the fireworks

I was at a fireworks show at the beach this past 4th of July. There is a couple where the chick is clearly half the guy’s age…like it could have been his daughter. They are all over each other to the point where it’s noticeable to everyone around them.

My friends and I are chuckling at them and what not but then the fireworks start and we all focus on that. I look back and the girl is giving the guy a handjob under their blanket. The blanket is visibly flapping up and down. Meanwhile, there are families and kids running around. No shame whatsoever.

— TheWhiskeyTickler

21. What the…

I was at the mall when I saw a woman change her baby’s diaper at the rest area (the spot with benches, trees, water fountain, etc) which was all of maybe 15 feet from the restroom. She dumped the shitty diaper in the tree planter along with the shit-covered wipes and walked off — leaving the powerful stink of baby turds wafting around the rest area.

— SirWeeble

22. Blowjobs for everyone!

Outside my favorite college bar, I saw a couple each wearing matching Marlboro jackets. The female peeled and ate a banana whole. She then preceded to blow her boyfriend in front of 10 or so onlookers, including the bouncer who merely asked them to take it around the corner.

— beyondthehominid TC mark