22 Disgusted People Reveal The Absolute Trashiest Thing They Ever Saw In Public


I was in Spain as a kid, 25 years ago. We were in the countryside and enjoying the view with Binoculars. Saw a man we think was a shepherd who:

  • Took a shit
  • Wiped his ass by digging it out with his hand
  • Took out his penis, started pissing-
  • Then proceeded to wash his hands in the jet of piss.

Did it all like he had done it a million times before, which he probably had. I was nine years old at the time — can never unsee.

— Mofme

11. This story is wild

This lady who came into the liquor store I used to work at on Fourth of July, actually, it was the last day I was there. This lady came in, around late 40s or 50s. She was completely beet red, in a see through shirt and bikini, not the most flattering look. She grabbed a fifth of jäger from the fridge. She said, “sorry I’ve been drinking all day.” Then this dude comes up behind her with another fifth of jäger. And then she just keeps yelling at this poor dude, “put it back or I’ll fuck your girlfriend!

And it was at that moment that I realized I don’t want to be back there as an employee ever again.

— Rollins10

12. Never too old to be trashy

A middle-aged couple dry humping against my parked car like they were horny teens. I was still in it.

As in they were up against the side of my car (towards the rear, possibly one butt cheek on top of my trunk at some point at the most), but not actually both on top of it, like on the hood or roof or something. I was parked so I faced a wall, and they were just in my blind spot, so all I could really feel was the rhythmic rocking, but Lord knows they were all up in that business like two possibly drunk (and/or high) savages. Can’t remember if I turned the ignition or not at some point, or they just left on their own, but it only lasted for about 30-45 seconds.

— MacheteDont


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