22 Disgusted People Reveal The Absolute Trashiest Thing They Ever Saw In Public

7. Trashiest night ever with mom!

Walked past two people having sex at a glass tram stop in the middle of a road with full visibility in almost every direction.

Invited my mum over to see my new apartment. Some lady in the street who was totally off her face and stumbling everywhere at 2 in the afternoon decided to yell abuse and racial slurs at us. My mum was a bit shaken so I took her up to my place and pointed out what a lovely view of the park I have. We proceed to admire the view and after a few seconds of watching a guy getting a blowjob in broad daylight I decided to just make her a cup of tea.

— phtevens

8. This mom doesn’t give a fuck

I was at a Marshall’s buying some clothes and this younger mom (couldn’t be more than 25) and her 2 or 3 year old daughter were near me. The daughter sneezes and the mom takes a t-shirt off the rack, wipes her nose with it, and puts it back on the rack.

I let out an audible gasp cause that shit is nasty. She pretends I am not there and walks away with her now cleaned up daughter. I walk up to the shirt they used and it has snot all over the front side of it. From that day on, I always washed any new clothes I bought.

— Uhhhhdel

9. Don’t go to the buffet

At a buffet, a woman peeling the crispy skin off of a whole tray of fried chicken and piling it on her plate. She walked off leaving a pile of stripped chicken and ate her plate full of skin.

— streamstroller


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