22 Disgusted People Reveal The Absolute Trashiest Thing They Ever Saw In Public

4. “You don’t even know”

Walking to a diner after bar adventures at 2am, we take the shortcut down an alley and stumble upon a prostitute with one leg wedged up high on a dumpster while she…relieves herself. It was like someone just tapped a fire hydrant. I said “rough night?” as we passed and she said, “sweetheart, you don’t know the half of it.” It still haunts my dreams and that was at least 10 years ago.

— dart51984

5. What is she doing on the sidewalk?

I was walking down the street when out of the corner of my eye I saw a lady kneeling further down the sidewalk. She saw me, got up and started walking in my direction, and as she passed she shot me a nasty look and yelled, “I don’t give a fuck!” I was confused until I passed by the place she was kneeling at and saw a small pile of shit.

— N3MO_

6. Hm, what’s going on here?

A pregnant woman putting out her cigarette on her kids’ school bag whilst yelling “No way am I doing that ya dog!” into the phone.

— pungrypungryhippo


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