34 People Reveal The Horrifying Family Secret That Shook Them To Their Core


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1. Secret brother

Maybe 6 months ago or so I found out that i have a maternal half brother that I never knew about.

Found him on Facebook, he is a very decent human being and has been nothing but friendly towards me. His childhood sounds horribly sad at the fault of my mother, and its for that reason I still cant bring myself to really sit down and talk to him about family history.

2. Parental cheating

My parents met while my mother was still married to her first husband. My mother PURSUED my father while she was married. My father MOVED IN with my mother and her husband-at-the-time for a couple months before the husband moved out. Poor guy.

3. Scheming Grandfather

Grandpa built homes for a living.

If money was tight he’d set it on fire so he could be paid to rebuild.

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