15 Urban Explorers And Travelers Reveal The Creepiest Thing They’ve Found Off The Beaten Trail

14. WTF

Once found a bloodstained porno magazines from the 1990’s while exploring an abandoned house my friends used to say was haunted while we were children.

Also once stuck into an abandoned house with a friend with the basement half flooded. Something was floating in the dark water back there and splashed around when we shined a flashlight on it.

15. Another freaky hotel

There is an abandoned hotel in a province in Greece, built in the early 50s and abandoned somewhere in 1983.

We have entered like 6-7 times there. The first one being the scariest only because we were scared just being in there. The images are found on the internet, but it’s exactly like as if I took them. I had a few on my old phone but the quality was bad due to the camera and nighttime. Here is an outside photo of the hotel and another one here

The last time we entered (me, a friend and his best buddy) it was around 1am, a pretty clear but cold winter night (around -12C)

We walked through the corridors, but the visibility outside was shit due to the windows getting blurred from the cold, so it added a lot to the feeling of isolation.

As we looked around and explored every room, we discovered an old wooden door on the surface level under somestairs. We opened it and it revealed stairs leading down to a black room, probably due to a fire. We shat our pants seeing the melted bars and the whole rancid look. We went down to see it was a room with boilers and water heaters, all of them distorted and burnt and totally black.

Then we hear the breaking of glass from upstairs and we noped the fuck out of there in mere moments cause we feared that we would be cornered down there. We saw the window exactly above the entrance to the boilers room broken, and the next window having doodles like someone wanted to cleat the blur off the window. We realised someone was there and we freaked out. As we went on to leave the hotel, we heard heavy footsteps to the corridor behind the wall next to the hotel reception (where the exit was) and we totally panicked as to how we will leave without the man/presence/whatever hearing us. We yoloed out, and run for 2 minutes straight to go as far away as possible. Never entered again, but I would love to. TC mark


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