15 Urban Explorers And Travelers Reveal The Creepiest Thing They’ve Found Off The Beaten Trail

12. Okay, this f*cked me up.

One time me and some friends broke into an old abandoned building, it used to be a school so was actually a series of buildings all bored up and fenced off.

In one of the buildings we came across a pretty disturbing scene, there was a big puddle of blood of the floor, a crow bar and an empty tub thing that would have held petrol. We GTFO’ed immediately.

About a week later we tried to go back and found there were security guards now patrolling the perimeter, outside the fence. Later that day news got out the a girl had been gang raped and killed in there. So pretty sure what we had stumbled upon was the aftermath of that.

None of us ever spoke about it again and eventually lost touch.

13. I wish we didn’t visit this hotel

A few years ago when I was about 14, my mom and I went to this (abandoned) hotel where my grandparents spent their honeymoon back when they got married. When we pulled over there was an old man sitting on a white plastic chair outside of the main entrance, he looked like he was some sort of keeper, he tells us that the place has been abandoned for some years but was recently acquired to be remodeled and opened for business again.

He let us go in to walk around, I remember walking through the lobby, behind the counter they had the shelf where they kept the keys for the rooms and mail, there were still some keys and paper there, the usual broken window and graffiti with all the furniture and stuff left behind gave me an eerie feeling.

After checking out the pool, we go back through the lobby and make our way through one of the halls that lead to the bedrooms, I tried opening a door but it was either jammed or locked, so we walked to the next one and I turned the knob, pushed it a bit and someone slammed it shut from the inside, I remember I looked back at my mom and without saying anything we both started running to the lobby entrance, as we got closer we started walking so as not to raise any concerns from the old keeper, as we stepped outside to the big open space where he was sitting, we (still rushing to the car) thank the keeper, 5 steps further we turn our heads to say thanks before finally getting to the car but the guy wasn’t there anymore and there were no corners nearby he could’ve gone, and we were close enough that if he had ran we should’ve heard him… I remember mom and I told that story to the family between laughs but we were truly scared at the time it happened.


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