15 Urban Explorers And Travelers Reveal The Creepiest Thing They’ve Found Off The Beaten Trail

9. Who is it?

I was in an abandoned grain silo and as were walking out, some homeless man with a black object in his hand that looked a hell of alot like a knife turned the corner. I reached for my knife and was just about to pull it when the man moved slightly and the light shined in from outside right onto the object in his hand and it turned out it was just a fucking comb. He said have a nice day to us and left the building.

10. Ummmm…

Once explored an abandoned brothel and found what looked like a sacrificed cat. Blood smeared on walls, parts cut off it was pretty nasty.

11. What was in this building? We aren’t going back to find out…

A few years ago (I was probably around 9 or 10 and am 18 now) there was this abandoned building behind my local library in an open courtyard. No idea what is was ever used for and don’t ever remember it being used at all.

My sister who is about 4 years older than me and I went into that building sometimes because we thought it was pretty cool. We never went that far in though since it was extremely run down and there was rubble and debris everywhere, and it was too dark to safely climb over it. One day we were in there and across the other side of the building, down a hallway we saw a faint glow just drift past across the hall. We noped the fuck out of there instantly and never went back.

Even now I have no idea whether it was something creepy or the more likely situation of another person going by with a torch who didn’t notice us. Honestly thinking about it now I’m glad we never went back because if it was used as some sort of crack house, god knows what could have happened to us if we were caught.

Thankfully the building was demolished a year after that and the area is used as the garden for the library. It looks quite pretty actually.


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