15 Urban Explorers And Travelers Reveal The Creepiest Thing They’ve Found Off The Beaten Trail

6. Wasn’t expecting that.

2003, Abandoned window factory, Brooklyn Ny.

Found a make shift fire place with the remains of a stray cat on a stick above it. They shish kabobbed the poor thing at the hobo camp they had going on in there.

7. Why was it moving?

Snuck into an abandoned theme park in Berlin. The ferris wheel was moving, even though it didn’t seem windy enough, that was a bit creepy. But the scariest thing was when a dog found us, closely followed by a security guard, who kicked us out.

8. What was in the basement?

Old pet food(?) factory that my friends would go to to chill and fuck around. There was a really dark, slightly flooded basement, like pitch black dark. So we come back with flashlights and we found a ton of needles in a corner and what we assumed was a shit bucket by the smell of it. We dipped out after we heard splashing water coming from further in the basement and never went back down there. Definitely one of the scariest points in my life.


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