15 Urban Explorers And Travelers Reveal The Creepiest Thing They’ve Found Off The Beaten Trail

4. Did they find a dead body?

Me and my brother used to go skateboarding on a ramp someone built in an abandoned concrete factory. When we were done skating we used to go snooping around all the old buildings. In one of them there was an old fashioned claw foot bath tub. As we walked up to it we noticed it was full of rubbish with a pair of feet sticking out. We shat bricks thinking it was a dead body. Then we shat more bricks when it turned out to be an old drunk who yelled at us for disturbing his sleep.

5. We went to this hospital, even though I knew it was a bad idea…

Every once in a while I’ll go “urban exploring” with one of my friends. Usually he just checks out abandoned houses and the odd factory or two, it can be a really cool experience for anyone who is into history or photography or asbestos inhalation. Today though, he decided we’re going to a local abandoned hospital, at night, with just the two of us, because it’ll be more “intense” that way and he’s evidently never seen a single horror movie in his life.

Despite my mild hesitations we end up getting to this place as it’s starting to get dark. We make our way in through a window that someone has torn the boarding off of and my friend gives his usual yell throughout the building announcing his presence so we don’t startle anyone else who might be inside by saying “WE’RE NOT THE COPS. WE’RE JUST LOOKING AROUND AND TAKING SOME PICTURES” By his logic we’re doing a courtesy to anyone else exploring the building who might panic if they heard us coming otherwise, by my logic we’re announcing our presence to every homeless person in the building who might want to steal a camera from two dumb kids.

Despite my fears, nothing bad happens. We make it through the building going through multiple floors and checking out the roof last. We get a ton of cool pictures and take a look at some of the creepy ass old bathtubs and tables they left in the place. There’s some really cool graffiti inside as well mixed in with your usual shitty tags. The whole building is pitch black except for the few spots where moon light shines through so we literally can only see whatever we happen to be pointing our phones at at the time or by using the flash on the camera.

Even though I’m still worried about being murdered, I’m glad I went and I’m less freaked out as we’re making our way back to the window we came in. We get back to the room and I hop out the window first and have my buddy pass me the camera. As I take it from him and he starts climbing out the window a soft voice from what sounds like just 10 ft or so inside the building says “Wait…”. I look around my friend and can just barely see a silhouette standing in the doorway from where we entered the room.

Now, I’m not proud of what happened next but in that moment the force with which my butt hole puckered propelled me away from that building with enough forward momentum to last until I was at the edge of the property back towards the road. My friend followed after me quickly, more so to laugh at me than out of fear. He didn’t seem to be too worried about it though he agreed we definitely weren’t going back. I know this isn’t the most exciting story, but what terrified me at the time was that I was 100% sure we were alone in that building. It was dead silent aside from us. The fact that the Man (?) waited until right as we were leaving horrified me as it made me realize they could have been watching and following us throughout that entire building. Just listening to us talk, watching us taking pictures…just following us.


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