Rich White Woman Doesn’t Get Jail Time Because She’s Rich And White

Facebook / Kate Meckler
Facebook / Kate Meckler

Ah, so you’re here because of the headline. Don’t worry, I’m not pulling your leg.

Kate Meckler, a daughter of a wealthy technocrat will avoid jail time after she admitted to stealing $1,644 worth of clothes from Saks Fifth Avenue.

You read that right.

She stole $1,644 worth of clothes when she’s collecting tons of money from her commission as “one of New York’s top real-estate brokers”. She works at Warburg Realty, having worked at Bear Stearns and Estee Lauder.

Look at the properties on her listing. They fetch a pretty penny. You’d think she could’ve have afforded to purchase clothes from Saks.

She pleaded guilty in Manhattan Criminal Court. And as part of her plea deal, the judge sentenced her to FIVE DAYS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE AT A SOUP KITCHEN. Oh God, just imagine having to serve these dirty, low-income people!

You know, at least there’s a silver lining to every sad story. Meckler apparently will not get fired from her position at Warburg Realty, as the company’s president, Frederick Warburg Peters, told Gothamist, “I have every confidence in Kate and we continue to value highly her association with Warburg Realty.” Go, Kate, go!

How about that? An affluent, white woman gets away with a slap on the wrist for stealing at a high-end luxury store. But you know, black men can’t even purchase a belt at Barneys without getting security getting called, or black women can’t purchase electronic goods at Best Buy without getting held up by security.

I guess justice has been served…? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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