You Can Spend A Night In “Jail” For The Low Price Of $1 In Bushwick

image - Facebook / Miao Jiaxin Studio
image – Facebook / Miao Jiaxin Studio

Miao Jiaxin Studio is offering a “room” with a cage around the bed for as little as $1/night. It’s part of a performance piece.

Artist Miao Jiaxin had originally put the ad up on AirBnB, but it was removed (possibly because it might’ve ruffled some feathers).

He’s advertising the original AirBnB ad on Facebook, which you can view here.

Former Airbnb Listing is now available on Facebook.

* The best cage accommodation you could ever find in NYC
* $1 USD / per night + $300 Deposit
* Exchange for your 3 hours commitment per day
* Minimum stay is 2 days, maximum is 5 days

To live in my jail cage, you don’t have to commit any crime in New York City.
However you have to follow the rules below:

a ) The cage is monitored and reported via live stream online 24/7 (Live stream section will soon be available here on the Facebook page).

b) You have the room space to yourself from 9:00pm to 9:00am. Otherwise the space would be an open studio as it is planned to be.

c) It is mandatory that you stay in the cage from 9:00am to 12pm (3 hours) everyday.

d) From 9:00am to 12pm, you CANNOT access internet, NO electronic devices, books, radio, pens, instruments or craftwork. You CANNOT talk to anybody. You CANNOT do Yoga or any other exercises. You CANNOT sleep.

e) Your activity is monitored and recorded. Any violation of above will result in the loss of deposit fee ($100 per day).

f) You have the key to the cage. Lock and unlock all by yourself.

More Details you might be interested in:

A ) Well located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the dream cage is 3 blocks away from Subway J train, and 12-15 mins away from Lower East Side Manhattan. All kinds of convenience can be found in this hip neighborhood.

B ) The cage is monitored and reported via live stream online 24/7, but you do have a separate brand new bathroom equipped with toilet and shower stall. Fresh sheet, shower towel, blanket and pillow are provided.

C ) Built on the top of the building, the cage house with skylight stays sunny and bright. With the access to the roof deck, you are greeted with fresh air and great view of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

So go ahead and book now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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