You Can Own An Entire Italian Village For The Low Price Of $333,000

Imagine this. Your own Italian village in the Alps.

If you have a spare $333,000 lying around, it can be yours.

Of course, you’ll a little extra for the remodeling fees.

And there’s another catch. You need to restore the houses to their original conditions — that means you can’t add a master bath to that rickety old shack. They need to be in line with the local customs.

Calsazio used to be the royal hunting grounds, and since 1922, it has become an Italian national park.

The population dwindled after young men and women left in search of better jobs out in the cities.

Approximately 4,000 Alpine ibex have made the surrounding scenery their home.

At least you’ll be at least 30 miles away from Turin. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t The Independent

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