Ukraine Demands The Return Of Their Killer Dolphins Back From Russia


When Russia seized Crimea, they seized more than just land.

What they got were military trained dolphins fit for detecting mines and enemy divers.

Considered to be extremely valuable to the Ukrainian army, Russia has put the dolphins in an aquarium for public display.

The aquarium was built by the former Soviet Union.

As per RBTH:

“The military dolphins need to be returned to our country in the same way that Russia returned Ukraine’s seized military equipment,” Dmitry Yunusov [first deputy head of the Henichesk Regional State Administration] said. According to this official, the new dolphinarium is equipped to meet all modern specifications. The volume of the pool is 2,400 cubic meters and will provide dolphins with very comfortable and civilized living conditions.

However, the now-Russian controlled aquarium released a statement saying that there was not enough funding from the Ukrainian government to maintain the aquarium “in the recent past.” They are currently hoping that the now-Russian controlled state will help restart programs that would help the aquatic animals. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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