The Victims Of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, As Profiled By The New York Times

The New York Times
The New York Times

In an effort to put faces and names behind the 298 men, women, and children that have died in the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, the New York Times profiled the victims that were identified.

There were 193 Dutch victims, 43 Malaysians, 27 Australians, 12 Indonesians, 10 Britons, 4 Belgians, 4 Germans, 3 Filipinos, 1 Canadian, and 1 New Zealander.

But there’s more to it than that.

They were mothers. They were fathers. Sons and daughters. Infants. An entire family disappeared on a single flight.

The New York Times invites friends and families of the victims to share their memories of the deceased.

The profiles are truly heartbreaking and eye-opening. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

View the profiles of the victims here.

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