Believe It Or Not: Japan Building Nursing Homes For Aging Dogs


There is now a resort for aging dogs to spend the rest of their days in Japan.

From a swimming pool to groomers to a medical facility, this nursing home has everything an old dog can want — along with their human counterparts.

To address the aging population “issue,” Aeonpet Co., has built a nursing home for the elderly and their elderly pets.

From Yahoo! News:

“Many pets are getting old while their owners are also ageing. This is a serious social issue. I hope this business will provide part of the solution for this problem,” company president Akihiro Ogawa said.

To be part of this community, the humans and pets have to go under an extensive background check to make sure that they are a right fit — and that the animals won’t be abandoned.

The price starts at $1,000 for small dogs and increases to almost $2,000 for bigger dogs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t Yahoo! News Singapore

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