Awesome 10-Year-Old Boy Asks For Food Bank Donations Instead Of Birthday Gifts

This worldly 10-year-old asked not for birthday gifts, but a donation to the food bank.

Mario Martinez of Kansas said, “I told them not to bring gifts, just money, so that I can donate them to the food bank.”

When a reporter asked the big-hearted boy, he answered: “There [are people] whose fridge is empty, hardly anything in their cabinet… One day I decided, why not? I already got all the stuff I need.”


Let’s not forget that a 10-year-old boy said that. Even us older, “mature” folk, we’d probably keep the cash to ourselves. We go around focused on the next expensive gadget, when we can instead help people around us. Remember Mario’s words and his actions. We can all try to be like him, even if it’s only a little bit. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t WCSH6

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