A One-Armed Biker Was Fined For Riding With Just One Arm


Bogdan Ionescu was riding his bike — a city friendly, modified bike that allows him to brake with his one arm and his legs — when he was stopped by a German police officer.

The officer slapped Ionescu with a $35 fine.

According to German safety laws, a bicycle must have two operating handlebar brakes.

In this case, the officer took the law quite literally.

Ionescu felt that he was being discriminated against.

The Cologne Police Department has since issued an apology and a full refund.

From The Independent:

“We only hope something like this never happens again.” Cologne Police also confirmed that the bike was completely roadworthy.

Speaking to the newspaper, Mr Ionescu said: “It’s great news, I’m really happy.”

The news of the event spread around Europe in a matter of days, which mostly likely helped Ionescu’s case. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t The Independent

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