This Old Couple Unwittingly Grew A Huge Pot Plant In Their Garden

In 2012, the Bedford police department tweeted a photo of a giant pot plant in the backyard of an elderly couple.

The Tweet in question (BedfordLPT Twitter account has since been deleted):

Elderly couple bought shrub at car boot sale, tended carefully-biggest cannabis plant we had seen!!


The couple explained that they had bought the plant at a flea market and were shocked to find out that it was a marijuana plant.

The police sought no action against the couple.

As per CNN:

A police spokeswoman told CNN: “The plant was mistakenly bought by the elderly couple. We will not be pressing any charges. We have seized it and will dispose it.” She also said that unlike what has been reported in some newspapers there was no “raid.”‘ “The property was not raided,” she said.

The event led to humorous headlines on newspapers, though. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t Cannabis Culture Exposed

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