Surgeon Suspended For Removing Wrong Testicle, Kidney, And Accidentally Cutting An Artery


Antonio Vega Vega, a Spanish-trained urologist, was briefly suspended from Rockhampton Hospital in Australia after it was reported that Vega has been sued for malpractice four separate times. Rockhampton’s acting medical director has also been suspended.

Vanguard Health launched an investigation on Dr. Vega and Rockhampton after officials learned of the lawsuits.

The investigation found that Vega was guilty of removing a healthy testicle, removing the wrong kidney, and accidentally cutting through an artery.

However, according to The Courier Mail, it was found that Dr. Vega was operating on a patient with a contorted spine, which led to an abnormal anatomy, confusing the surgeon. No word on the testicle or artery just yet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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