Pet Shiba Inu Protects 5-Year-Old Japanese Boy From Getting Killed By Black Bear


Mego the Shiba Inu saved her 5-year-old master from a black bear in northern Japan.

While on a walk, the boy was mauled by the three-foot high black bear, and suffered scratches and bruising. Mego, his 6-year-old shiba inu, barked at the bear and chased after it.

From Yahoo! News:

Mego is usually calm and timid. It was a great surprise that she chased away a bear. Mego has always been his friend and we have rewarded her with meat and other treats.

Mego means “cute” in Japanese.

The boy was taken to the hospital, where doctors let him go shortly after. He only suffered bruises and cuts.

Such scare. So save. Wow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t Yahoo! News

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