North Korea Is Now Delivering Takeout Throughout Asia


Okay, not really. But North Korean restaurants are being built throughout Asia to raise money for their dear, dear Great Leader.

Cambodians, among other Southeastern Asians, can finally taste authentic North Korean cuisine and support their great cause, whatever that may be.

Their dishes are overpriced and pungent. Menus are reported to have dog casserole, cold noodles, and a lot of soju.

Their influence reaches as far as the Netherlands, where it is reported that mostly Chinese people operate “Korean” restaurants.

The restaurants, however, are seen as vehicles for money laundering.

As written in The Guardian:

According to North Korean expert and author Bertil Lintner the restaurants have several financial benefits for the regime: “The North Korean government runs those restaurants to a) raise foreign exchange for the government in Pyongyang, b) to finance the activities of the North Korean embassy in the country where a restaurant is located, and c) to launder money from other activities,” he says, adding that restaurants are “perfect vehicles” for money-laundering.

Not sure if part of the revenue generated from the restaurants will be used to feed their citizens, but for now, Great Leader Kim Jong Un looks to gain a few pounds.

North Korea has recently made headlines thanks to James Franco and Seth Rogen. Great Leader Kim Jong Un’s response was quite a headliner as well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t The Guardian

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