Man Dies After Russian Police Abduct Him And Try To Check Him In As Luggage For A Flight


This may be the most bizarre form of police brutality you’ll ever see.

Two Russian policemen abducted a comatose man from the hospital, leaving doctors perplexed as to his whereabouts.

The policemen dragged Sergei Kozhemyakin, the unconscious 36-year-old man, to an airport where they tried to check him in as luggage.

Try as they might, the airline refused their demands.

Kozhemyakin was handcuffed to a bench and the officers took a nap beside him. They awoke several hours later to Kozhemyakin struggling for air.

An ambulance was called, but the two officers refused Kozhemyakin to be treated, where he died.

Reports say that Kozhemyakin was a suspect in the murder of a mayoral candidate in 2008. He was on the run until he checked himself into a hospital, where the police managed to “arrest” him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t Moscow Times

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