Kite-Loving Ohio Man Decided To Fly One In The Nude


An 82-year-old man thought it was a great idea to fly a kite in his birthday suit. The police — and the crowd — didn’t think so. He was flying a kite at a fairgrounds, where police received a call about a “bald, bespectacled man flying his kite near the old ‘airfield’ on the fairgrounds at about 1:40 p.m.”

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When officers arrived, the man was seen “hurriedly packing his car.” He denied being naked, but when asked for his ID, police say he had to go through a pair of pants crumpled on the passenger seat.

Police say the man was rude and agitated but “eventually admitted to being nude at some point while being out in the field.” He was told never to return to the fairgrounds.

The man accepted the ban and told police he would instead go to the old Triple Crown in Munroe Falls to fly his kites.

“He was advised to remained fully clothed when flying his kites,” a police report shows. Officers say they also alerted Munroe Falls police.

The man returned the next day — with his clothes on — to fly kites even though he was banned from the premises.

He was later cited with criminal trespassing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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