Husband Can’t Divorce Wife Because “She’s Too Fat,” Judge Rules


The Bombay high court ruled that a man cannot divorce his wife because she is “getting too fat.” The Indian man sought a divorce after his wife started rapidly gaining weight after marriage. He petitioned for a divorce and the case ended up in the hands of the Bombay high court.

As per The Telegraph:

According to his petition, he appealed to her to seek medical treatment for her condition but she refused. They began to quarrel over the issue and the relationship quickly soured.

The husband later discovered his wife had undergone surgery two years before their marriage in 1997 when a hypertrophy of her breasts caused them to balloon in size. He claimed she had deceived him by not disclosing the condition before they married and relations deteriorated further.

In his petition he claimed that because of his wife’s size and condition he could not enjoy the normal physical pleasures of married life.

“Due to overweight respondent had black skin near sex organ and signs of injury. I was shocked to see the physical condition of respondent and could not perform sexual relations with her voluntarily,” the husband told the court.

But under cross examination, the husband admitted that his wife “initiated for sexual relations” and that he “also demanded sex from respondent [his wife].”

The man admitted that he and his wife had sex. The court ruled that if the man was able to have sex with his “fat” wife, that was enough evidence to depict a normal sexual relationship. The court proceeded to throw out his case. No word on how the couple is doing today. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t The Telegraph

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