Elephant Confused By Its Identity Joins Up With A Group Of Water Buffalo


A 46-year-old elephant towers over its group. It’s not because she’s an extraordinarily large elephant — although, under a different context, she truly is. It’s because the herd this elephant associates itself with are all water buffaloes. Nzhou, the queen of the wildlife preserve that she’s currently located, is happy as the current matriarch of the water buffalo clan.

From the Metro:

Judy Travers, one of the owners of the Zimbabwe wildlife park, said: “We have tried to reintroduce her to the elephant herd on the farm but she’s really happy where she is. She’s very nurturing towards calves and their mums, but can put her big foot down towards the mature bulls.”

Nzhou’s parents were killed by poachers in the 1970s for their ivory. She’s living under the protection of the conservation area. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t Metro

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