Desperate Man In Brazil Orders Delivery From England, Costs Him $7,100, But It Was “Worth It”


Mustafa Azim, director of an aircraft salvage company, while out in Brazil, made a delivery order for 13. The order was received by Chilcha, an Indian restaurant in England.

The owner of Chilcha, Mohammed Wahid, was very surprised to receive the ridiculous order.

“I thought he was making a joke. I couldn’t believe it. In the beginning it was a little bit funny for me. I said how can this happen?” he said.

Azim, however wasn’t joking.

Wahid ended up delivering the meal for 13, which cost Azim $7,100 total, which included airfare, taxi, hotel, and of course, the curry.

Azim chose Chilcha because they catered for Warner Bros. Studios, and he wanted to eat quality Indian food.

Apparently you can’t pay too much for a good meal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t The New York Post

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