Cute Shelter Dog Placed On Craigslist “For Sale” Section Hours After It Was Adopted

Hawaii Humane Society
Facebook / Hawaii Humane Society

This cute little Jack Russell named Sally Mae was adopted by a woman from the Hawaii Humane Society.

Just hours later, volunteers were horrified to find a Craigslist ad titled “Jack Russell” which showed Sally Mae in the arms of the same woman who had adopted him.

The ad claimed:

“…my boyfriend& I is [sic] too caught up with work since we have 2 jobs each and she needs a family that’ll give her that attention. Please.”

It also claimed that Sally Mae was five-years-old. She is actually 10.

The ad has since been removed and Sally Mae was returned to the shelter and was adopted by another family.

Jacque Vaughn, community relations director at the Hawaiian Humane Society, was happy to see Sally Mae in the hands of a family that could care for her.

“We are just happy that the woman was willing to cooperate with us and bring the dog back,” she said. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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