Barack Obama Is Pictured As A Member Of The English National Soccer Squad On A Souvenir Mug

Good old Barry Obama. Did you know he was a soccer star that plays centerback at Manchester United — and for the English national team? Neither did the entire world — until the Daily Mail found this gem:

Do Chris Smalling and Barack Obama even look alike? (Hint: The answer is no.)

You must be thinking, What a complete disaster for the manufacturer! Actually, they’re probably going to make a pretty penny out of this sham. They’re getting free press, which is basically a golden ticket. I think.

But this adds more fuel to the fire — the fire being the birthers and their relentless attack on Obama’s origin of birth. So, will they now say that he’s an African and an Englishman to boot? (Pun intended.) Either way, our President looks damned regal on that mug. Is that called a mug shot? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t CBC

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