An Ex-Con Reviewed Orange Is The New Black And It’s The Realest Thing You Can Read Today

Amazon / Orange Is The New Black
Amazon / Orange Is The New Black

Susan K., Adam Dawson’s ex-con friend, spent five years in prison doing hard time for an armed robbery that would’ve helped get cash to support her heroin habits. Dawson asked K. to review Orange Is The New Black on Netflix.

As per Washington City Paper:

About a year ago, I called her and asked if she had seen Orange Is the New Black, the hit Netflix show set in a federal women’s prison.

“Dude, why in the hell would I want to watch a show about the worst four years of my fucking life?” she said.

A few weeks later, she told me that she had watched a few episodes, mainly because she was “tired of reading about some Wellesley graduate on the Internet talking about how goddamned real that show is. As if she would know.”

You can read Susan K.’s review here and here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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