A Man Pooped His Pants In A Maine Courthouse And Was Thrown Into Jail As If Public Embarrassment Wasn’t Enough

A 50-year-old man excused himself from screening after he accidentally let loose more than what he thought would just be gas.

Ronald Strong, the suspect, takes medication for a heart problem and one of its unfortunate side effects is apparently a weak sphincter.

It is reported that Strong threw away the soiled undergarments.

A 57-page court document “described in graphic detail, chunky peanut butter and meat sauce-like excrement splattered across the entirety of the small bathroom stall.” Delicious.

The court concluded that the extent of the damage done to the courthouse bathroom could not have stemmed from an accident, and so Strong was found guilty and put into jail for a week. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t Tomo News

featured image – TOMO News

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