31 Bodies Were Found In A Mass Grave In Veracruz, And That’s Bad News For Mexico

Seven women and 24 men were found in the mass grave in a ranch in Veracruz. The ranch is deep in cartel territory.

This demonstrates the lack of government influence over cartels and it appears that these findings are “now casting fresh doubt on the federal government’s shifting figure of missing and “disappeared” people in Mexico.”

Human Rights Watch accused the Mexican government of allowing law enforcement to participate in “forced disappearances”.

Authorities have been accused of falsifying documents and bodies, going as far as stuffing body bags with dirt and worms. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

This video is to emphasize the findings of mass graves in Mexico.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYvnC3IQDIw&w=781&h=410%5D

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