Dear Abby Gets Trolled By “Mother” Who Fears Twerking Is A Dangerous Drug


From Yahoo! News:

DEAR ABBY: I’m the happily married mother of two teenage boys. The other day I overheard my older son (age 17) talking with a friend about “twerking.” I have never heard of it and now I’m worried. Is twerking a drug term? Is it similar to “tripping,” “getting high” or “catfishing”?

My 17-year-old is supposed to go to Princeton next year on a sports scholarship, and I’m afraid “twerking” will derail him from his charted path. Thank you for any advice you may have. — TROUBLED MOM IN CONNECTICUT

Just how precious is this? A mother, who presumably has an iPhone, has the ability (and means, I suppose) to send her child to Princeton on a sports scholarship, does not think to Google what twerking is? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Read more of the story on Yahoo! News.


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