“Neknomination” Is A New Drinking Game That The Australians Created And It Doesn’t Look Very Fun

It’s called neknomination and it’s really weird. I don’t recommend doing this.


Australians, as if they need any more excuse drinking on their island of theirs, decided to create a new drinking game: neknomination.

It’s a game where participants drink as much beer they can in the most “creative” and fastest way possible and challenge their friends to do the same. This is a lot like the new trend of #SelfieOlympics that’s been recently highlighted on Facebook and Instagram feeds, except it’s mostly Australians and they’re drunk as hell.

According to the Director of the University of NSW’s National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, Professor Michael Farrell:

It’s like Jackass and that type of wild behaviour, and it’s not necessarily very impressive.

The main issue is the question of scale and context. In general it looks like it could get people into a lot of trouble, with a lot of pressure to drink. It’s competitive, heavy drinking, and that tends to end up with people coming to serious grief through alcohol poisoning. It isn’t a thing to be encouraged at all. — Sydney Morning Herald

And I think Professor Farrell is talking about behavior like this:


Not surprisingly, there is already a dedicated Facebook page for neknomination.

I really don’t recommend you do this. Trust me. I’m a doctor. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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