An App To Let You Use Google Glass While Having Sex Exists

Yes, it exists. I’m not kidding you.

The app called Glass and Sex is made in London, claiming to have been inspired by the Google Glass. They aren’t backed by Google — they’re independents looking to deliver a new perspective on how you have sex. Because you know, we all want to see where our things are going, from another angle.

Having sex with Google Glass on brings a completely new perspective. Experience sex like never before. Simply swipe to a new perspective. And enjoy the new view. When you connect your phone, you can even see what it’s like from any angle.

Glass And Sex
Glass And Sex

From. Any. Angle. Hey, that means you don’t need a video camera to film your amateur porn. Let Glass help you! Use this app! Have sex! Put it out there! Don’t look at your partner, look at this screen. Further sexualize your bodies! Yes! Yes! Yes!


But seriously, I’d like one Google Glass, please. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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