A Chihuahua Drove A Car And Crashed Into An Awe-Struck Motorist Nearby

Imagine your shock when you see a tiny dog ram its car into you.


Chihuahua owner Jason Martinez left the little pooch in his car for a few moments. Toby commandeered (by commandeered, I mean, the car slowly rolled out from its parked position and into traffic) the gold car and rammed it into the shocked Tabitha Ormaechea.

Youtube / TNT News
Youtube / TNT News

I was driving straight, headed west, in hopes of just going home. Out of nowhere I had looked at all the lights, no cars, I reached down to get some chapstick, and that’s when I got hit. When I looked up, there was no one in the car, just a little dog up on the steering wheel peeking over looking at me. – Tabitha Ormaechea

Fortunately, no one was hurt. There’s no word if Toby will be held accountable for the accident. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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