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To The Selfless Individual: The World Doesn’t Deserve You, But You Deserve Yourself

Everybody admires the selfless, generous, and compassionate person. Everyone wishes they had their soul and hearts, but they don’t know the darkness they go through to be who they are.

Every selfless person that exists today wishes they had the capacity to just harden their hearts, to avoid being taken advantage of repeatedly. If you’re reading this and you’re classified as someone selfless, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You know how deteriorating it is to carry the burden of everyone else just to be their light and their saving grace.

You aren’t as perfect as people perceive you to be. When you’re around everyone, you have this bubbly and enthusiastic personality—it’s in your nature to make others feel good. However, you have boundaries, and in putting others first, people forget that you need to put yourself first, too.

You don’t have an endless capacity. Other people are drawn to you because of your ability to give without the expectation of asking anything in return. While this is a gift, it can be the most painful curse. You’re selfless, but you’re still human. With your capacity to give, what happens when you give every inch to yourself to everyone and end up empty? What happens then?

They don’t always deserve you. The harshest truth is even if they don’t deserve your kindness and generosity, you still give because it’s in your nature. Even if it ends up being the wrong choice, at the end of the day, you did your part in being the light to others.

Selfless people are so busy giving their energy and time to other people just because that’s who they are, while others are so busy taking them for granted. It’s easy to feel drained and exhausted when you try to become everything to everyone—fixing, changing, or saving the chaos of this world. If you’re a selfless person, I hope this is your sign to remember that you deserve the world more than anyone else. If someone else takes your ability to give for granted, I hope you know when to stop and give it to yourself for a change. The world doesn’t always deserve you, but you deserve yourself. 

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